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There are often confusing about Vietnamese visa stamp and the visa letter. It is important to clear this up.

Visa Approval Letter, is an official visa letter issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Dep. This is not a visa, but a confirmation. It confirms that your visa has been pre-approved or pre-arranged. Meaning, you can collect the visa stamp according to the visa approval letter. How, where and price, depends on visa type. These are electronic, online or pre-arranged visa.

Vietnamese Visa stamp, is the visa.

Vietnam Visa Stamp in passport

The visa stamp are placed in your passport by a diplomatic missions (Embassy/ Consulate) or when entering Vietnam. The visa stamp is either a sticker or just a stamp. The Visa stamp as only a stamp into your passport. These are often given to visitor at the passport checkpoint, under special eVisa or visa exemptions. It shows the date

you entered, and the last exit date, or valid legal stay.

The Vietnamese visa stamp as a sticker (image below) or a loose leaf visa, contains more information. This is the general visa stamp for ost visitors. It contains your passport info, names in full, entry, issuance, visa number, valid from to date. Read and make sure your visa stamp is correct.

Travelers are responsible to make sure all info on the visa is according to the passport. Human mistake at the immigration dep. do occure. If mistake by the embassy or the immigration, you can contact them to correct your visa by yourself.

If applied through our website, check the order confirmation email vs. the visa stamp. If mistake done by the immigration, we support and make sure the immigration fix it for you. That is why you should consider to apply through us with expertise in Vietnamese visa. In addition, we provide 100% Guaranteed visa, or full refund.

Applying by yourself, meaning you need to solve your case by yourself. Getting support from officials can be a headache and much frustration. Have you ever tried to contact your local immigration or any immigration department.