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  • Visa code at embassy is similar to Visa on arrival. Both are pre-arranged visa, where you apply online, process and get pre-approved by the Immigration department direct in Vietnam. No need to send in any documents or getting back and forth to the embassy/ consulate. We send the documents once it has been approve to your email.
  • Remember to check all your email inboxes. Instead of getting the visa stamp at the airports, you get the visa stamp at a pre-chosen embassy only. Simple and convenient. “Apply Here
  • There are two fees. The visa service fee (paid online) is for us to handle and follow up your application. While the visa stamping fee is for the visa stamp into your passport. This fee is paid to the embassy directly. Stamping fee for visa varies depends on local embassies/ consulate. This is regulated by the local embassy.
  • In total, it is cheaper than using conventional travel agencies or other traditional local visa agents to process for your visa at an embassy.
  • Alternative, you go direct to the embassy, apply, waiting for processing, get back and get the visa stamp. If you live far away, this will includes post and sending fees also.

Vietnam visa code is a legal document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. Once a traveler gets a Vietnam Visa Code, he/she may go directly to Vietnam Embassy near his/her living to have Vietnam visa stamped.

Although this method is not really convenient for all travelers and requires a fair amount of effort, it is still the first choice for people travelling to Vietnam on land or by sea because Vietnam Immigration Department only issues visa on arrival for air travelers only.

Following exactly the three steps below may help you to save a lot of time and effort:

  1. Filling out the application form on our website and then make payment online as your confirmation of the booking.
  2. Receiving the approval code after 2-3 working days.
  3. Printing out the approval code and bring it along with your passport to the Vietnam Embassy you already registered for.

Important notices when applying for Vietnam Visa Code:

  • Selecting the right visa type
  • Estimating the correct arrival date
  • Registering the precise Vietnam Embassy where you want to get your Vietnam visa stamped and then coming to that place for the following processes, otherwise you would not be able to get your Vietnam visa.


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