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VIETNAM VISA SERVICE FEE   Is the service fee that the applicants have to pay to us in order to process the pre-arranged visa approval letter for applicants towards the immigration. It also cover the handling fees to the immigration dep.         VIETNAM VISA STAMPING FEE Is the fee that the applicants must pay in cash at the landing visa counter at the arrival airport. If you order visa code at embassy, then the local visa stamping at the embassy is regulated by the local embassy. It is normal the same as the normal regular visa fee. Price list for stamping fee a the airport is since 2017; 25 USD/person for less than 90 days single entry 50 USD/person from 30 days to less than 90 days multiple entries visa 95 USD/person from 90 days to less than 180 days multiple entries visa 135 USD/person for 1 year multiple entries visa PROCESSING SERVICE FEES
NORMAL PROCESSING (Up to 5 working days) URGENT (4-8 working hours) EMERGENCY (Outside office hours)
1 pax 2-3 pax 4-5 pax 6-9 pax 10+ pax
1 month single 21 8 19 8 18 8 15 8 10 8 Plus 20-40 USD/pax Plus Check order form 25 USD/pax
1 month multiple 24 21 24 21 24 21 24 21 24 21 50 USD/pax
3 months single 35 29 35 29 35 29 35 29 35 29 25 USD/pax
3 months multiple 50 39 50 39 50 39 50 39 50 39 50 USD/pax
Note: We follow Vietnamese time zone GMT/ UTC +7 since we process direct towards the immigration dep. and follow their opening hours. Emmergency visa. If you need visa outside office hours eg. Public Holidays, weekend or just outside office hours, then please choose “Weekend/ Holidays visa” and correct processing time. 3 months multi is counted as 89 days by the immigration dep. The price is for easy countries, eg. most western countries. You find your nationality in the order form. If not then, it is restricted. Choose then difficult/ restricted country as your nationality. Additional price will added, and additional documentation is needed. If no visa, we will make full refund to you. There might be some suddent change in the regulation and additional documentations is needed. If so, we will let you know. If no visa, we will refund in full. Business purpose is recommended with Fast Track.


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