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Applying Visa (wiza) to Vietnam

We process, guarantee visa or full 100% refund. Our fee includes; Checking your application, updating about laws, processing, support and 24/7 online. We handle all contact with the Vietnamese Immigration department for you. Note: Due to the 2019-nCoV Spreads and persons to persons transmission We would like to inform you some notes: • Visa approval letter will be stopped issuing for Italia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau China passport holders during this time. • Other nationalities, who take flight from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and China, will not permit to enter to Vietnam during this time. All passengers entering Vietnam requires to fill and declare quarantine form before entry. Vietnamese & English form | Vietnamese & Chinese form.
Until further, Vietnam Government do not accept any application with following 30 nationalities and passports; 1- AUSTRIA, 2-FRANCE, 3-LATVIA, 4-Norway, 5-Sweden, 6-Belgium, 7-GERMANY, 8-liechtenstein, 9-Poland, 10-Switzerland, 11-Czech Republic, 12-Greece, 13-Lithuania, 014-Portugal, 15-UK, 16-Denmark, 17-HUNGARY, 18-Luxembourg, 19-Slovakia, 20-JAPAN, 21-Estonia, 22-Iceland, 23-MALTA, 24-Slovenia, 25-KOREA, 26-Finland, 27-ITALY, 28-Netherlands, 29-SPAIN, 30-IRAN.
To staunch the spread of COVID-19, for 30 days from March 18, 2020, Vietnam will deny entry and stop issuing visas to any foreign nationals. Travelers from countries with visa exemptions (Vietnamese in overseas, businessman, expert,…..) will only be allowed to enter if they can show medical papers certifying that they are free of the virus and must undergo medical checks and 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Vietnam.

Visa options

If your group is larger, please make several orders. Or contact us for support.
Visa on arrival is only for travelers by air. Visa code at embassy getting visa stamp at pre-chosen embassy. e-Visa* Restricted is strict and might need further info.
Single visa is only 1 entry. Multi visa is multi entries for during visa duration. Choose correct visa length, Product and processing. Read more at FAQs.
Choose the one that describe most. For work and study in Vietnam use Business visa. We need further documentations. Need your contact Company/ organization info in Vietnam. Combine business with tourisme? Choose tourist. Read more on FAQs.
Office hours are from 8 AM to 11 AM in the morning and from 1PM to 5PM in the afternoon EXCLUDE Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. (GMT+7/ UTC+7 Vietnam time zone). Emergency visa? Choose correct visa length and processing. Read more on FAQs.

Your order

  • Number of visas
  • Type of visa
  • Length of visa
  • Purpose of visit
  • Processing time
  • Tour
  • Total service fee

Extra services

Private Visa Letter (Recommended)
Need private separate visa letter? Common by immigration is to process in bulk. Keep your passport details for your order only? Visa letter is normal processed and issued in bulk by the government. If you need a own private visa letter, choose this service. Cannot choose later once processing has been started.


Airport Pickup/ -Assistance
Hassle-free getting visa stamp at airport-service. Meet our staff once landed, hand in documents and visa stamping fee, and we fix the rest as priority and no queues.


Airport VIP Fast Track
VIP Fast Track. Get our staff to support you all the way from landing to exit the terminal. Meet our stff once landed, hand in documents and we fix the rest for your convenience. We help you with baggage and best of all, no queues. Priority visa stamp, VIP passport channel, Baggage service, Priority customs line, reliable guide to recommendations. Recommend for business travellers.


Airport Transfer Hanoi Airport-City Center – Newer 7 -Seats
Newer car models. Book car transfer from Hanoi Airport to city center. Only new car models (max 3 years old) 7-seats and private chauffeur. Numbers of persons depends on your luggage pieces. Ex. max 4 pers. with 4 checkin luggage. Or 5-6 persons with no checkin-luggage, only hand luggage etc. Pre-book for your convenience. Duration; 1h+. Buss:1,5h+


Airport Transfer Saigon Airport-City Center – Newer 7 Seats Car
Newer car models. Saigon (HCMC) Airport Transfer to Hotel in Saigon city center? Relax and let us arrange it for you. All cars are newer models! Depends on your baggage, we advice to be max. 4 pers per car with 4 checkin luggage. Duration: aprox. 1/2+ hour. Buss: 1h. Need more car or other destination, please contact us for price. Support@


VIP Fast Track & Car (Hanoi)
VIP All the Way! Fast Track and own car to hotel (city center). No worry at all. Own staff will follow and support from landing to your destination.

112.00$ 99.00$

VIP Fast Track & Car (Saigon)
VIP All the Way. Fast Track and own car to hotel (city center Saigon). No worry at all. Own staff will follow and support from landing to your destination.

100.00$ 90.00$

VIP Fast Track Departure/ Exit
VIP Fast Track Exit Vietnam (Recommend). Fast and convenient. Own staff, no queues through chek-in, customs security, passport check, security and into gate area. Save time and reach your flight in time.



  • If order “Visa code” (visa at embassy), add 2 extra businessdays. After the immigration dep. issued the approval letter, the embassy need 2 extra workingdays for checking their internal email/fax/post.
  • Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and France are temporary granted visa exemption (15 days only) from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2020. This is renewed each year. Cannot re-use within 30 days. Other countries, please check our FAQs page or order form.
  • USA Passportholders is now allowed to apply all visa on arrival to Vietnam as normal. Earlier, it was only allowed to apply as 1 year multi visa (28th August 2016). (Diplomatic note no. 173/NG-LS).
  • If you have problems of payment on the last step, please make sure your browser is updated. For users security, Paypal demands an updated browser version to make payment. Read more here. 

Acquiring Vietnamese Visa

Sometimes, the easiest thing like visa, can get much frustration. The information is not always straightforward, depending on your travel plans and details. Therefore, we try to make the system as easy as possible. No hidden fees and totally safe. 100 % Guaranteed Visa or Money back. Apply early in order to have enough time to clear everything, and check your application carefully once submitted and received, exactly according to Your Passport. We support many customers world wide, including visa to Vietnam for Polish nationality. If you don’t hold a visa exemption (see FAQ), then one has to acquire a visa, regular or pre-arranged evisa/ visa on arrival/ landing visa/ visa code into Vietnam etc. Obtaining a Vietnam visa is easy for most American, European and Asian countries. You find the country list in the order form.

Apply Visa on Arrival to Vietnam

Visa on arrival is the most convenient and also the easiest and leagal way to apply visa to Vietnam. Since 2000, it has been introduced by the vietnamese Immigration Dep. (Ordinance on Entry, Exit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam). (You can apply from Italy, Spain, Greece or other countries.) If you can find Your country in the order list, then you can easily apply online. Our order form will also inform you regarding classification of your nationality. Visa exemption or not, easy or restrict country etc. You can read more on visa on arrrival and Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ). The visa is a pre-arranged visa letter prosessed by direct from the immigration department under foreign affairs, and not through Vietnamese embassy, which is a different department.

Visa Acquisition Process

Before you apply for a visa to Vietnam, make sure you have all your passport details. The application form need to be exactly as in your passport, no symbol and only standard Latin letters. Once you submit the form and make the payment, you will receive an order confirmation email almost immediately, check all the info again. This is an official Vietnamese visa application and correction is not possible once processing! If you don’t receive the order email, check you spam/junk or other inboxes, due to Your email filters. There are mainly three types of visas in Vietnam; tourist, business and diplomatic visa. The diplomatic visa is somehow unique because the application procedures are different. Choose the duration and single-/ multi entries, where you wish the get the Vietnamese visa stamp. If you want to visit Vietnam, then a tourist visa will be good for you. Make sure Your Passport are valid before applying. You can also choose tourist visa, in combination with tourist and business purpose. If Your really need a strict Vietnamese business visa, then we do offer it. A business visa always takes a long process because many issues have to be cleared and solved out. For example, you have to answer questions and documentations like, who are your sponsor, business income etc. We recommend to combine tourist with business, with tourist visa. Acquiring a Vietnamese visa has been made easy by the introduction of visa on arrival and other electronic pre-arranged visa type. Most western visa applicants can make an online Vietnamese visa Application, online inquiries. Online application was introduce by the Vietnamese government to ease the visa application chaos. Once you are through and have submitted, the Immigration Department will handle Your visa Application, depends on your chosen processing time. Thank you for choosing us:)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]